Bactevo Wins Innovate Award

Cambridge UK, 25th January 2017 – Bactevo, the revolutionary Cambridge, UK-based drug discovery company has received an Innovate Award for a prestigious £1.5M grant. Exploiting revolutionary work in the field of integrated, accelerated drug discovery in micro-droplets, Bactevo will progress its programmes focused on generating new antibiotic drugs to highly drug resistant Gram-negative pathogens causing septicaemia, chest and serious urinary tract infections. The Biomedical Catalyst early-stage award is run by the UK’s innovation agency, Innovate UK, recognising Britain’s most innovative, cutting-edge young companies.

David Williams, Bactevo CEO said: “We are pleased to receive this prestigious recognition with a major award from Innovate UK, which will allow us to make a substantial contribution to reducing bacterial infection, currently having a profound effect on our healthcare systems. This is the first announcement on our therapeutic strategy and we will continue to add news on other active disease in due course, as we apply our revolutionary technology platform in other areas of unmet medical need.”

About Bactevo

Bactevo is a Cambridge, UK-based drug discovery company focused on providing new and transformative medicines for poorly addressed or untreatable diseases. Key to Bactevo’s success are a core set of proprietary technologies which give rapid and almost infinite chemistry capabilities and the ability to find leads using small amounts of patient-derived cells or tissue.  These technologies use patented intellectual property in ultra-high throughput microfluidic synthetic chemistry, microbiome-derived small molecules, microfluidic screening and machine learning to increase the productivity of drug discovery by 1000-fold.  Bactevo believes these capabilities will ultimately result in quicker cheaper and more effective drugs for patients.

For further information please contact:

David Williams, Chief Executive Officer
Tel:      +44(0)1223 423506

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