Cambridge UK, 22nd September 2016


Chemical Biosphere

ChemBioSphere is an international forum bringing together innovators, change makers and decision leaders in drug discovery. The aim is to revolutionise medicines discovery to create the best drugs for patients. This forum is bringing together disruptive organisations and approaches that are expanding the chemical universe, improving genomics-led disease-relevant understanding in biological systems, and using Big Data analytics to unlock the chemical biosphere.

The forum covers topics of: natural products, computational drug design, bioinformatics, synthetic biology, genomics led target discovery, early R&D efficiency, drug discovery.

Location:  Peterhouse College, Cambridge, CB2 1RD, UK

Registration 8.45am for 9.30am start (5.30 – 6.30 pm wine reception)

Format: Plenary sessions and networking opportunities

Register here now: chembiosphere2016_registrationform (Limited spaces left)


Speakers/Session Chairs include:

  • Mark Bale (Deputy to UK’s Chief Scientific Advisor, Genomics England) 
    • “100,000 Genomes Project”: Outcomes and tools for the future”
  • Kath Mackay (Lead Technologist, Innovate UK)
    • “Innovate UK Catalysing Drug Discovery – Funding Opportunities and the new Medicines Discovery Catapult”
  • Darren Green (Director of Computational Chemistry, GSK)
    • “Computational approach to drug discovery: Success and limitations”
  • Lilian Alcaraz (Medicinal Chemistry Leader, Johnson and Johnson Innovation)
  • Alex Alanine (Director Therapeutic Modalities, Roche)
    • Novel approaches to explore the disease space through informatics
  • Dan Foley (EPSRC Fellow, University of Leeds)
    • ” Realising the biological relevance of diverse three-dimensional fragments
  • Andreas Bender (Lecturer for Molecular Informatics, University of Cambridge)
    • “Bridging chemical and biological information for compound identification and optimization”
  • Alan Brown (Director of Chemistry, Stratified Medical)
    • Predictive analytics guiding chemistry
  • Graham Simpson (Head of Therapeutic Peptide CPU, GSK)
  • Eriko Takano (Professor of Synthetic Biology, University of Manchester)
    • “Harnessing synthetic biology to discover new chemistry”
  • David Williams (CEO, Bactevo)
    • Mapping the ChemBioSphere” 
  • Werngard Czechtizkey (Head of Chemistry, Sanofi)
    • Expanding the chemical space using natural products: Successful platforms and limitations”
  • Jack Scannell (Co-head of Pharmaceuticals, UBS)
    • “Why common-sense efficiency made drug R&D less efficient”
  • Barrie Wilkinson (Professor, John Innes Centre)
    • “Genomics led discovery of anti-infective natural products”
  • Joana Martins  (Head of Next-Generation Sequencing Group, Discuva)
    • “SATIN: Genome-wide resistance fingerprint enables antibiotic discovery and development”