About Us

Nanna Therapeutics is a small-molecule focused therapeutics biotech subsidiary of Astellas, a global pharmaceutical company.

Based in Cambridge, UK, Nanna Therapeutics was acquired by Astellas in 2020 – and together with research partner, Mitobridge (acquired by Astellas in 2018) create the Mitobridge Division; a US- and UK-based research engine of Astellas (reporting to the Chief Scientific Officer). The Mitobridge Division works as part of the Astellas Primary Focus Mitochondria area of research.

Our Vision

Leveraging enabling platforms to develop transformational therapeutics via phenotypic screening and optimization approaches. We focus on early-stage, small-molecule drug discovery research in the area of mitochondrial & rare diseases. Our goal is to discover disease-modifying, transformative new medicines for illnesses with significant unmet medical needs.

Therapeutic Areas

We are addressing fundamental cellular processes to create medicines to treat various mitochondrial dysfunction-related diseases. With a strong focus on mitochondria, the energy source in every cell, we can target the fundamental causes of many diseases. Through this approach we are also addressing life-limiting mitochondrial diseases for which there are currently few or no effective therapies.

Our Approach

Healthy mitochondria are critical to normal cellular activities, as the cells’ power source. Mitochondrial dysfunction drives the pathogenesis of a wide variety of diseases, and as we age our cells produce less energy. We are focused on creating new options to combat target diseases by regulating mitochondria. We combine expertise in core biology areas of mitochondria and immune-modulation together with a unique patient cell-enabled phenotypic screening paradigm that enables closer association to the targeted diseases.
Distinct aspects of mitochondrial function (bioenergetics, dynamics, and cellular signalling) are well described and impairments in these activities contribute to disease pathogenesis – we utilise an integrated platform of assays and models to systematically evaluate disease-related changes in mitochondrial function in order to deliver new medicines.


 We work closely with wide-ranging external partners, including universities and academic institutions, centres of excellence for mitochondrial research, CROs, our Mitobridge colleagues in Cambridge, USA, and our Astellas colleagues in Japan and globally.

We actively seek technology and asset partnerships together with Astellas BD S&E (UK/EMEA) in Cambridge, UK.

Please contact us if you are interested in a partnership.


Our Team

We have an experienced, dynamic team of scientists and leaders focused on delivering innovative new medicines to patients.

David Barrett, PhD
Division Head & President
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Mitobridge Division -
Nanna Therapeutics & Mitobridge

Chris Doe, PhD
Site Head
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Stephen Penrose, PhD
Head of Chemistry

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Jennifer St Quintin
Head of Operations & Administration
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Keith Moore, PhD
Director & Head of Biology

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Welcome to Our New Team Members!

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Nanna’s recent hiring activities completed! CAMBRIDGE (UK), November 10, 2022 – Nanna Therapeutics has attracted a raft of new talent.  Meet the newest members of the team: New Head of Biology and Head of Chemistry “I am delighted to welcome Keith Moore as head of biology and Steve Penrose as head of chemistry to Nanna […]

We’re Hiring!

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We are expanding our talented team.  Take a look at our open positions in our Careers section: Head of Medicinal Chemistry Head of Pharmacology Applicants must submit a CV and covering letter by email to jobs@nannatherapeutics.com Applicants are encouraged to apply as soon as possible as we will be reviewing applicants and interviewing on a […]


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Contact Details Nanna Therapeutics Ltd, The Merrifield Centre, Rosemary Lane, Cambridge, CB1 3LQ Tel: +44(0)1223 247000 Email: nannatherapeutics-sm@astellas.com Company no. 8328823